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Fairy Bower is a suburb of Rockhampton in the Rockhampton Region.


The Bruce Highway is the eastern boundary of the locality with the North Coast railway line immediately parallel to the east of the highway; however, there is no railway station in the suburb but Yeppen railway station is just north of the suburb in Allenstown/Port Curtis. The Capricorn Highway enters the suburb from the south and joins the Bruce Highway at a large round-about on the north-east corner of the suburb and then proceed north into Allenstown. 

Neerkol Creek is the south-western boundary of the suburb. 

Fairy Bower is low-lying land, less than 10 metres above sea level, and contains a number of lagoons, including the Yeppen Yeppen Lagoon, the Crescent Lagoon, Nelson Lagoon and Deadmans Lagoon.


The roundabout (often called the Yeppen roundabout presumably taking its name from the nearby Yeppen Yeppen Lagoon) where the highways meet is well known for the large statue of a Brahman bull that stands in the middle of the roundabout, being one of seven Big Bulls that decorate Rockhampton, which regards itself as the Beef Capital of Australia. The group of bull statues are listed as one of Australia's big things. 

This particular bull attracts some criticism for facing towards the city so approaching motorists are welcomed to the city by a view of its rear end which includes its large testicles. The theft of the testicles from the bulls is a common prank and they frequently have to be replaced. Some residents also feel that the bull statues over-emphasise one aspect of the city and should be relocated to less prominent locations. However, there is strong public support for the retention of the bulls.

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